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21 battery saving tips that actually works

Many people are now getting addicted to smartphones,yep me too.but they dont offer much battery life as expected.they get exhausted soon,leading to disappointment.the most used type of battery are lithium ion and lithium polymer.they take some time to charge,so you need to wait for 6hrs or more to use phone after you have made battery dry. As an android phone user,i have experienced this problem,then i came up with solutions. here are some battery saving tips which actually works on all kinds of android phone and makes you feel better.

1. You dont need to keep your phone in super bright everytime
If you keep your screen brightness at 100% then your battery will drain soon and wont offer good battery life
This doesnot means you need to keep brightness at 0 percentage,because lower brightness will harm your eyes.adjust the brightness of the screen according to your comfort level

2.use flight or airplane mode
If you are not at network coverage or if you have poor network signal it is better to put your phone in flight mode because whenever you are in low network coverage your phone is using more battery power which consequently reduces the battery life

3.put your phone in battery saving mode
This option is commonly available in more android phones,using a system battery saver is the best way to conserve power.if you dont have the option then you have do things on your own,dont worry me to dont have that in my phone,still there are 22 tips which will help you to get more battery stand by time

4.turn off autosync
Your phone neednot be super smart anytime.especially the autosync feature drains more than 25 percentage of battery turn that crap thing off.turning autosync off doesn't affect any system process,yoy can turn it on any time.

5. Turn off location
Your phone need not be founded at any can turn this feature off when you are at is the major battery sure to turn it on when you are outdoors because it will help you to find your phone when you lose it

6.close recent apps
When you are multi tasking you forget to close the apps which are opened before.these apps continue to run on the system ram and hence they consume battery clear the apps frequently before you turn off the screen.this will boost your battery power.

7. Dont use live wallpaper:
Your phone screen need not be realistic always,using a live wallaper continues to consume more battery power than the ordinary wallpaper.use blackscreen or black background wallpapers because bright wallpapers consume more battery power.say no to white wallapers,they are the major battery drainers.

8.Use a good battery if your battery gets damaged:
Many android phone battery gets expired in 1 year,so its necessary to replace it with the good or suitable will good if you buy those batteries from the same device manufacturer.dont buy the fake ones because it will cause damage to the android phone and affect its system components.

9.use appropriate power supply
Dont use unsteady power supply for charging your phone.because high fluctuations may cause damage to charger and battery life.use a steady power supply to get good battery will lead to battery high stand by time.each phone has a specific current frequency range,phones imported from other countries have a varying current frequency range which wont adopt to your current country condition,so you need to use a proper adapter to nullify this effect less gaming
Android games drain your battery much than all others.notably online games like clash of clans,higher graphics game like subway surfers,temple run consumes more battery power.dont install and play games often.if you are a gamer or you cant live without games,buy a phone having higher battery backup power.or else only way to avoid this playing low quality but awesome games like chain reaction.try to avoid online games,because they are the worse drainers of battery power.

11. Switch off  mobile data
Your phone is already spending 15 percent of battery power to bring incomin and outgoing calls.the mobile data makes the phone to use more battery power to establish a data dont need mobile data every time so turn it off when not needed.

12.dont overcharge:
Dont charge your phone up to 100 percent because it doesnot mean that your battery is full.same time dont over drain battery below 20 percent,because it will also take some time to recharge again when battery level goes beyond 20 use your battery between 90 and 20 percent.

13. Kill all background process
Many android apps promise to optimize your phone but greenify is the gem of all,it hibernates all background process it will make only one app to run at a time.greenify helps your phone battery much and it will help you to automatically clear the background apps and will clear the system ram and freeup your ram.

14.dont enable Gestures and animations
Gestures and animations drain battery up to some dont use them or dont enable them,these are the system functions of samsung never ever enable gestures and animations.animations consume more battery power.

15. Dont use  launchers
If you install any launchers other than the system launcher,it will consume more ram than the original one.and also if you use any other launchers,it will use gestures and 3d animation.they are not efficient as system use your system launcher effectively and if you are bored with the style you can use icon packs.

16.kill google apps:
Use titanium backup and uninstall the google apps which you dont need like google play books,its for example.because these google apps consume more battery power even if you dont actually use uninstall as much as possible because every google apps run in the background and they come as pre installed.its necessary to remove them if you dont use them.

17.dont be mobile obsessed:
Dont get addicted to mobile too much.this may become a psychological problem if you often check for notifications and mobile screen without reason.because there is outer world other than mobile.go out for play,hangout with your friends or just read a book for relaxation.never get addicted to phone too just think and live the life

18. Use on screen notifications:
Using on screen notifications is a best idea to save battery power rather than opening the app.using on screen notifications. For.communication apps like whatsapp will conserve your battery power and they wont cause much battery problems for your android phone

19.switch off wifi
Searching for wifi networks consume battery power and hence its better to turn wifi off when not in use.if you connect to wifi network besure that wifi signal is good ans steady.make your phone near to router in order to establish good wifi signal,so there is less power kitkat update came up with automatic searching for signal,turning off this feature will help to establish good battery life

20. Dont install spam apps
Dont install apps like cm security,clean master ,du battery saver which shows or pretends to be like it cleans your phone and saves battery .but its actually not,it occupies system ram and as a result there is more consumption of battery never install those kinds of apps

21. Dont use phone while charging
The common mistake everything we do is using the android phone while charging.this will reduce the batery life becAuse both charging and discharging of battery takes place at same time

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