Sunday, 10 January 2016

Mini militia,infinite life ,infinite boost,infinite ammo,tips

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How to use this script??

Things needed
1.rooted android phone
2.freedom can download from google playstore
3.go to game shared prefs file.delete the things present in coc02prefs.xml and replace with this script.enjoyy


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
    <int name="skillProp10" value="99" />
    <int name="skillProp13" value="99" />
    <int name="LBKey.kills" value="571" />
    <int name="skillProp14" value="0" />
    <int name="skillProp11" value="50" />
    <int name="skillProp12" value="25" />
    <float name="E5" value="100.0" />
    <int name="skillProp17" value="25" />
    <float name="E6" value="100.0" />
    <int name="skillProp18" value="75" />
    <int name="skillProp15" value="50" />
    <float name="O10" value="100.0" />
    <float name="E7" value="100.0" />
    <int name="skillProp16" value="25" />
    <float name="O11" value="100.0" />
    <float name="E8" value="100.0" />
    <float name="E9" value="100.0" />
    <int name="" value="277" />
    <int name="skillProp19" value="25" />
    <string name="avatarProp14">0</string>
    <int name="skillProp4" value="50" />
    <int name="skillProp5" value="50" />
    <string name="avatarProp13">0</string>
    <string name="avatarProp12">4</string>
    <int name="skillProp6" value="75" />
    <string name="avatarProp11">4</string>
    <int name="skillProp7" value="99" />
    <string name="avatarProp10">7</string>
    <string name="DeviceIdentityClear">74b67836d7a55df4</string>
    <float name="E2" value="100.0" />
    <int name="skillProp8" value="25" />
    <int name="skillProp9" value="25" />
    <float name="O12" value="100.0" />
    <float name="E4" value="100.0" />
    <int name="skillIndex" value="17" />
    <float name="E3" value="100.0" />
    <int name="LBKey.deaths" value="485" />
    <int name="PlayerSkin" value="14" />
    <int name="skillProp3" value="50" />
    <int name="skillProp2" value="25" />
    <int name="skillProp1" value="0" />
    <int name="skillProp0" value="25" />
    <int name="QuitCount" value="0" />
    <string name="ClaimedIdentityClear"></string>
    <float name="E10" value="100.0" />
    <int name="LBKey.points" value="3000403" />
    <float name="O9" value="100.0" />
    <int name="AdCount4" value="11" />
    <float name="O8" value="100.0" />
    <float name="O7" value="100.0" />
    <float name="O6" value="100.0" />
    <float name="O5" value="100.0" />
    <boolean name="TOSAccepted" value="true" />
    <float name="O4" value="100.0" />
    <float name="O3" value="100.0" />
    <float name="O2" value="100.0" />
    <int name="BEST" value="1050" />
    <float name="O1" value="100.0" />
    <string name="PlayerName">The kingmaker </string>
    <int name="LBKey.experience.earned" value="1054677463" />
    <string name="CachedPurchasedItems">boostrecharge,healthrecharge,boostincrease,gdeagle,accuracy,grenade1,meleeplus,pistolclip,rifleclip,lasersight,gasnade,pistolreload,riflereload,</string>
    <int name="ChatMask" value="0" />
    <string name="avatarProp16">19</string>
    <string name="avatarProp15">18</string>
    <string name="avatarProp18">10</string>
    <string name="avatarProp17">9</string>
    <int name="skillProp27" value="25" />
    <string name="avatarProp19">0</string>
    <int name="skillProp26" value="0" />
    <int name="skillProp100" value="0" />
    <int name="skillProp29" value="99" />
    <int name="skillProp28" value="25" />
    <int name="skillProp23" value="25" />
    <int name="skillProp22" value="25" />
    <int name="skillProp25" value="50" />
    <int name="skillProp24" value="50" />
    <int name="skillProp21" value="0" />
    <int name="skillProp20" value="0" />
    <string name="avatarProp3">7</string>
    <string name="avatarProp2">3</string>
    <string name="avatarProp1">2</string>
    <string name="avatarProp0">0</string>
    <string name="avatarProp7">33</string>
    <string name="avatarProp6">8</string>
    <string name="avatarProp20">0</string>
    <string name="avatarProp5">0</string>
    <string name="avatarProp4">12</string>
    <string name="avatarProp9">0</string>
    <string name="avatarProp8">7</string>
    <int name="LBKey.survival" value="2525" />

Comment if you have problem with this script

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